I cant use another folder when trying to access another page

I cant access another page without one folder still be present while trying to use the other folder to switch page.

For example:
yoursitehere/Home/ i click About but instead of it being yoursitehere/About its instead yoursitehere/Home/About and then it gives an error.

ive been trying to resolve this with little luck and im very confused.

You might want mess around with the use of /'s in your hrefs.

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Does replacing the href to href="/About" or href="yoursite.glitch.me/About" help? If it’s a Node.js Project and you are redirecting, that could be a problem.

Hello. If you’re trying to Visit About.html page via /About page, it won’t work. Try create a Folder then create index.html file.

If this still not solve your issue, Check your spelling and try again.

sorry for the late reply, but when you say index.html do you mean inside the folder and make the about.html an index.html?

its a normal html project just using html and css is all, when i do that nothing else happens, gives the same error sadly :confused:

i fixed it, i had to make the home button go straight to a link instead of a folder so instead of it being yoursite/home it would just be yoursite then it would redirect you to the folder selected


Actually can I see your project?

ive fixed it dont worry

No, can I have a URL just to take a look at it @Carpa1l to find a better solution since yours might not work in the long run

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If your talking about being able to look at my code is die my project via an edit invite then no and it’s going to be a full on no anyway… I don’t see any valid reason for you to look at my code neither do I let random people look anyway so sorry it’ll have to be a stern no also the post is solved


OP said no as they have already solved the problem. Asking again is rude as it can be seen as crossing boundaries. Please show some respect.

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Hmm. I wasn’t asking for an edit link.

What I was thinking is that OP put a redirect script to a /about page. It’s not recommended and when I heard it was an button element you should put it as an onclick like instead of href:


Or about.html if you are not using folders. OP did not explain real correctly.

If you are looking to do this method, don’t do that. You won’t be able to make the about page. Instead, make a new folder and name it (let’s say for about) about/index.html and put your about content there. And then you could link to it as about/ without index.html added to the end. You technically don’t have to make index.html redirect to /home but it’s not a great idea so you should probably put it all in index.html in the root of the site (/) but just remember that you don’t put slashes at the beginning when making new files :stuck_out_tongue:

If you need more help, feel free to create more threads.