I cant use domains

my project is “https://naknak-bot.glitch.me
i try to add the domain “naknak-bot.tk” and it write me “naknak-bot.glitch.me refused to connect.”

Hi @MR.Nak it looks like you’ve added the domain in question to that project but you haven’t set up the DNS records to match. This tool can help you determine whether your DNS records have been set up correctly - that result shows us nothing’s been configured. Our help article on custom domains might also be helpful.

Two things I neglected to mention:

  1. In your case, since you’re using an “apex” domain (one without www or another subdomain in front of it) there’s a good chance you’ll need an IP address and an A record instead of a CNAME
  2. If you can share a screenshot of your DNS configuration that will probably help folks help you.

the tool you give me write:
1557761964 10800 3600 604800 5

but only a.ns.tk. work

i try do naknak-bot.tk and www.naknak-bot.tk
its give me 2 work things:
but the domain dont work

It looks to me like you DNS configuration for these domains is probably incorrect. Can you provide a screenshot of you DNS configuration screen so we can take a look to see what might need to be changed?

Your problem is that you have set your nameservers up incorrectly, as you have shown me on discord.
(Can’t send screenshot for some reason as the data on the discord website which holds the image is not working)

Simply settings the freenom nameservers back to the default should help, Could you please provide a screenshot of your dns configuration after you have resolved that first problem.

Can you please remove the domain naknak-bot.tk from my project.

Sure thing, @MR.Nak, I’ve removed that domain / project association. Let us know if you need anything else!

Here is a brief run through of what we did during the time I was on your pc:

  • Fix nameservers
  • Get the domain to work with www
  • Ask Cori to remove the hex domain so we could set it up though fly.io
  • Setup cloudflare
  • Finalise some settings
    ** The site should work now, I do not see what would not let it work!

Everything seems to be working now.