I cant use let in glitch



I was coding my bot, but I can’t use the “let”. The editor says: “‘queue’ will never be taken. Use const instead.”

Why is this happening??

My guihub repository: https://github.com/TheBigerGamer/guidebot


Hey @TheBigerGamer what file:line are you seeing that on?


Hi! You’ve got an .eslintrc file, which configures linting errors in the tool ESLint.

This section in that file is the culprit:

 "prefer-const": [
      "error", {
        "destructuring": "any",
        "ignoreReadBeforeAssign": false

You can set that error option to off if you don’t want to see the error.

Learn more about eslintrc here: https://eslint.org/docs/user-guide/configuring.