I chose “leave this project” and was the only member—now what?

I clicked on “Leave this Project” in the “Advanced Options” not knowing what it would do. I was the owner of the project and no one else had joined it. Now it’s still there, but I can’t edit it. I realized I can remix and choose a new name, but I kind of wanted to keep the original name and now I lost my API keys and other data in the .env file (yes, that data is somewhere else, but still).

I feel like there should have been a warning before I got locked out of my own stuff.

The project is fightwithtools, BTW.

Hi halffullheart,

sorry for the late response! I am sending you the invite token as a PM, so that you can get back into your project.

@etamponi I also clicked “Leave this project” by mistake and lost my project. Could you please restore my access. Thanks

Sure, what’s your project name?

My project name is genie-bot. Thanks in advance.