I deleted all files by mistake now project doesn't load

I had a project and I accidentally ran rm -rf * and now my project editor wont connect. How can I fix it?

Hi m-phoenix,

Have you tried opening the Rewind window in the Glitch editor?

I can’t, it just throws the red window where it says can’t connect. Nothing else can be accessed

Oh yeah, that makes sense, since the .git folder was deleted too. Try emailing support@glitch.com or else perhaps @tasha can help with resetting the project to an earlier state – but I’m not sure.

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* shouldn’t match dotfiles like .git, so there’s hope. But you do have to be able to connect, either to the editor or to the terminal.

If there are no other files, it would be just like a static site that’s currently empty, which I can’t think of any reason why that would prevent the editor from connecting. Weird


I can’t just access anything right now. I just shows loading error and never loads.I can’t open the terminal.