I do not manage to link my CSS file to the HTLM one



Hello everybody,

I do not manage to link my CSS file to the HTLM one. I imagine I missed a little detail somewhere, someone can help me with this issue please ?

Thank you very much for your help,


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Hi @KellyGomesRibeiro, welcome to Glitch! Would you be willing to share the name of your project so someone can take a closer look?


Hello Cori,

Here is the invite link: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/join/xxx
I did manage yesterday to finally link my css to my htlm file but I did not manage to harmonize the display. The images I put are not displayed nicely (no equal spaces between the pictures) and same for the video. Could you please help me on this issue ? I did not succeed in resolving it …

Thank you very much for your help

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Hi Kelly, I cleaned up your index.html file a little bit to make things a little easier, including fixing up a few typos and adding the link to your Fable1.css file. I left comments where I changed things to describe what I did.

As far as aligning the images I’m not sure I really understand what your goals are. If you want things equally spaced it’ll be much easier to do if the images are of similar sizes - a shortcut for that is to set the height and width, although that can make images look a little fuzzy. Also CSS Tips has a nice article on some options for equally aligning things.

Hopefully those will get you started!


Hello Cori, thank you very much for your help and advices !! I am going to overlook each point you commented. Your help is precious for me.
For the images I wanted to do something like in the file attached but as I am only starting with Glitch I do not managed to obtain the same result …
Could you help me please ? I am so sorry but I am trying to get to know this tool and it is never easy at the beginning.



Hi Kelly, if you notice, those line up nicely left-to-right in part because they’re the same width, so you’ll have to address that with your images somehow.

Do you have a link to the page that image comes from? Then someone could point out the important parts of the layout that you could apply to your page.


Hello Cori

It seems I can not share with you the 4 links on one mail for the images so I send to you the first 2 ones in the mail below and I am going to send you the 2 other ones in an other mail.

Thank you

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Hello Cori

Here are the 2 other links, in the mail below.

Thank you

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Hi Kelly, I didn’t see any links. Did you intend to post them here?



I do not understand I normally send it to you. You can find them in the screenshot attached.
Here are the links for the 2 first pictures:





And here are the links for the 3rd and 4th pictures :


Thank you very much for you help and sorry for the inconvenience

Best regards



I think I’m not representing myself very well here, so I apologize.

Firstly I doubt that I’ll be able to actually make the changes you need for you due to time constraints, but I’ll try to give you some pointers to where you can read up on what you’ll need to do or some examples.

Secondly I guess I wasn’t clear on what I was asking for as far as the links are concerned. I can see the locations of the images from your project; what I was looking for is where you saw the example that you’re trying to match - Layout #3. Sorry for not being more clear.