I got an error HELP

I am getting an error that says quota exceed ERROR 8
Whats this or how to fix it

This is the error I get
Error: 8 RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED: Quota exceeded.

My project name is chiefer-v2

It sounds exactly how it sounds. The project simply exceeds the size. What are you trying to do? More then likely forked a big bot project that has large and out dated packs

Post your logs here: https://www.paste-bin.tk

No I dont have a big project, my database is firebase so is impossible that my project gets data…


Does running enable-pnpm in the console fix your issue?

Did not solve the issue /:

try deleting the modules and runing npm install again and then try npm audit fix if there is any needing to update or any removed from the git project.

whats the total size of all of your files unzipped? also. did you make a new container or use one you used for a previous project?

didnt work sadly /:
Any other idea?

Ah, you have Debug mode enabled. That could be the problem. Select the Tools -> Logs then press Stop Debugger (or something similar).

Didnt work either rip