I have 7 Active projects, is it considered as spam?

I had been trying glitch for few years now. And unknowingly I created so many projects (some for trying out new stuffs, some were remixes of other projects) but after sometime glitch devs considered my account as spam and all of my projects were going to hard sleep for 5 min and wouldn’t even start until I hit my webpage.
Now I have archived many unwanted projects and have 7 active and wanted projects. Is it considered spam. I mean I don’t them to go 5 min hard sleep instead want them online for 12 hours straight(this rule was applicable long before the glitch magic)

TL;DR: Just want to know - Is having 7 active projects and several archived projects considered spam

That’s the expected behaviour for all non-static sites. They sleep after 5 mins of inactivity, and reinstall node_modules everytime the project wakes up. Except for static sites - static sites are online 24/7 by default now.

Side note: keeping projects online 24/7 using pinging services like UptimeRobot is now banned. Use Glitch Premium instead.

7 active projects and several archived projects are not considered spam as long as the 7 projects you’re talking about are not kept online by pinging or anything similar.