I have a important question

Some people are claiming that the blocked ping services are temperately blocked. Some claim that they are banned, and will never be enabled again.

I whant to make sure which claim is correct, thanks :slight_smile:

They are blocked for an undertermined very long period which can extend indefinetly.

@TH3_UNKNOWN I believe they are permanent now according to a blog post.

Yea, its sad. Can we fix this with a boosted app?

Yes, I believe so. :glitch:

Alright. Thanks. :frowning:

It’s disappointing, I know. Here's what to do after Glitch banned pinging services! GUIDE

Yep… Though I can’t host on my computer since im not on a windows nor a mac, chrome OS, as such. This is why I came to glitch.

Kidz is working on something similar, we’re also moving to Netlify to avoid downtime.