I have a problem in the project its can not load

I have a problem that when i try to load the project nothing happen its just load nonstop in loop.
I’ve try a lot of things and i cant find a solution how to fix it.
The project is on my other account and its private.

You should contact support@glitch.com and have them hard refresh it.

Do a hard refresh (SHIFT+F5) or clear your browser cookies. Or just submit a ticket here.

Thx its helped me now its fixed but i have another problem that i use the site that ping the bot every 5 minutes but still he is offline most of the time and i need to start him manually every time.
What to do?

Use self-host, i guess.

xD who have time for this

I mean it doesn’t take that long to self host. It is a good idea.

Selfhosting is only an option, however, for people who have a good computer available to run 24/7. Not many people have this advantage.

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Still if there is an option for outside host that work for most of the people why not use it?
I really dont know why its not work but a lot of people told me that its problem in glitch.

I had the same issue when I deleted my cookies it was loading fine