I have a project that will not open or run

Hi, I have this project - stream-chauffeur-25bi88bai - it will not open or render. Been down for an hour in Uptime Robot. ANyway thing I can do?

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It seems like it is working, but it is using all of the RAM on bootup. Can you invite me to your project?

Can I do that without opening? I am not sure of anouther way

If windowns, use snipping tools app, if Mac, CMD+SHIFT+4. That is how you screenshot.

I just made it visibale to everyone will that help?

You wanted me to invite you but I can’t I am not sure what a snippet will do but there it is

If we could edit the code without loading the project might help. Why does the code have to run inorder to edit the project?

Oh. That is the problem. I thought you were talking about the website. XD Can you tell me Country or residence so I can confirm that it is not your isp?

I live in the united states

All fixed - Glitch support got the project open again - thanks for the help