I have a reconnecting issue in my project. It's been like this for 2 days

When I try to edit a place, there is a reconnecting problem. I thought it would get better when I waited, but it doesn’t. Below is my project name. Is there anyone who can help?

Project name: kartalkancav12


Try clearing your cache, then contact support@glitch.com.

How do I clear the cache? Should I write this? git prune;git gc


Check this out ^^^^ (assuming you are using chrome)

I thought you said the cache of the project. Will it help me to delete the browser’s cache? I can’t login from chrome browser anyway. When I log in to my account it gives something like google login error. That’s why I’m using microsoft edge.

Sometimes clearing cache will fix the issue.

OK, I’ll try. If not, I will reach out to the support team.

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