I have __no__ idea on how to do this

I want to make a website where you share text with an image as a cover. And i want to display the covers in the website like this:

When you click on a cover, it takes you to /projects/ID (ID is replaced with the project id, like 001, 002, etc) where you read the text shared by the author (I’m using replit authentication Replit Docs - Authenticating Users)
But i have literally no idea how do this. help. J

i still need help and i need help

Why not start with a simpler question, this is a ton of questions in one.

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K then: how do i create a custom page with the provided content, then? Like:
I need to fill out a description and a title. And then when i click submit, it creates a file in the “projects” folder which everyone can visit?

I’ll take a chance and try to explain why people are (perhaps) a bit leery of getting involved. Take the advice with a grain of salt. We don’t have any idea what you know vs what you don’t know. You never explain what you have tried. It is like you posting that you would like to design and build a car would someone tell you how.

I think you mean well but try to see it from the perspective of a stranger reading your messages “I want to do this” and “I have no idea how to do that”. For most of us that was the case so we took a small step in the direction we needed to go.


What have you done so far? Maybe he can give you help from that.
Because nobody has a notebook of how to do exactly what everyone wants to do :slight_smile:

i did literally nothing :laughing:

Then therefore this is spoon-feeding…
Next time please first try to accomplish some code and show us what you have so we can add to it. Right now you are just putting probably an idea you made 3 days go on the forum and asking for help. This is a little of a common personality of you. So try to work on it more because I know that some people on this forum may get mad at you for asking such a vague question.

But since im a nice guy you can check this Glitch :・゚✧ project that @Stylix58 made. It is a basic system that creates a card when a user fills a form about some information and then it displays it. Make sure to comply with the MIT license if you do wish to fork a copy of that project.