I have too much ping on my boot. does not reply to any messages. Please help now

Hey Glitch, @cori

I have too much ping on my boot. does not reply to any messages. Please help now.

When reset, the bot ping decreases. but after 10 minutes, up to 4,000.


Project name: corwin

Hey there,

Ping is largely based on server location in relation to you and how many hops it takes for packets to perform a task. You’re pinging Google’s DNS service, which will have multiple servers in different locations, so it will be pinging the one closest to you. Game servers you play on may also be closer to you and not take many hops. The Discord server, however, is likely far away and takes more hops.

High pings in Discord can be due to a few factors:

  • It could be that Discord’s servers are (with reference to the network) geographically far away. Or they could be under high load (too many people, DoS/DDoS attacks).
  • Discord API is experiencing some troubles
  • Too much code in a single file can cause the reduction of the compiling speed as well as the response speed.
  • Improper code, due to a loop, not returning a value or something, etc.
  • If you add too much code into a single file, it drastically reduces the compiling speed/response time, etc. Learn how to set up a command handler to learn more about separating commands
  • The last issues that can cause this are incorrect port forwarding in your router…
  • Lastly, if you get any errors but you do not get enough information to debunk, you can use --trace-warnings. This will show you more detailed information where the error was generated, etc.
  • Additionally, keep a keen eye on the Discord Status Page

Happy Glitching!

message delay too much.

and although I don’t have many commands in my bot, I get a warn error.

As the notice suggests, remove unwanted files & folders and try to execute git prune; git gc within the console of the Glitch app.

fared ill , Try your turn. Will you try?

I am sorry, I did not quite get that. @hamzaeser

I still have warn warnings.

Can’t I get extra storage?
or how to solve it. there are more commands on my friend’s bot, but no error.

Heeyyyy Glitch , @cori ,

I have a lot of ping on my boat. Find the solution …


Project name: Corwin

Hello @hamzaeser, from running this command in your project’s console I see that you still have a lot of disk space consumed by your project’s git repo:

app@corwin:~ 13:12 
$ du -hd1
118K    ./komutlar
240K    ./.x
17K     ./events
137K    ./dashboard
1.0K    ./.data
1.0K    ./x
1.0K    ./views
1.0K    ./ Jsonlar
1.0K    ./ sunucuyaözelayarlar
154M    ./.git
1.0K    ./Jsonlar
4.0K    ./.config
1.0K    ./sunucuyaözelayarlar
1.0K    ./public
1.0K    ./jsonlar
441K    ./img
19K     ./util
155M    .

so you haven’t addressed the space concern. Keeping your project within the restrictions is something you have to take care of. The current space consumption shouldn’t be enough to cause issues with your projects, but it will be if you don’t address it.

As far as the ping time is concerned, there’s nothing that Glitch can do to help with that as far as I can tell. Sorry for the bother.

What should I write to the console?

/.x to delete all.

I think you missed a letter when you copied - the command to see what the disk consumption is is du -hd1. This post talks about the overall process for cleaning up your git repo.