I heve a problem creating a new glitch project using a git repo!

I’m making a new glitch project by pressing New Project -> Clone from Git Repo, I insert my link. I’m not getting any error and when the project opens it is not my git project, is another project, I guess some glitch pre-created project. Can you help me add my git project to glitch?


If cloning from your git project doesn’t work, you could always try Import From GitHub in a new project! In the meanwhile, I’ll try Clone from Git Repo and see what I get.

Yes! It doesn’t work! @octavi42, thanks for pointing out this bug. @glitch_support (or @jenn or @tasha), I tried cloning my GitHub project by getting the Git link generated by GitHub, and when I entered it in the textbox, I just got a remix of hello-express rather than my Git repo, as @octavi42 describes. I believe this is due to (correct me if I’m wrong!) the recent Glitch downtime. My logs are filled with Desktop screenshot (1) ! (It’s after I deleted my project)

Do I have some alternatives?
I tried to with “Import from GitHub” inside a project but that didn’t worked for me aswell.


Are you sure this is how you imported from GitHub?

I tried to import the git repo from Tools… but I’m getting this error: “We’re sorry, something went wrong! Please try again, or try refreshing the editor.”. Do you have any suggestions?

I had 2 folders in my repo, I deleted them and it worked, I can import the git repo. But why is it not working with my 2 folders?

It might need to be an empty project???

In my case it works if it is an empty project or not. I think there is a problem with creating the folders in glitch. If I try to create them like this: New File, (file name, ex. folder/data.txt), Add This File It works, the folder is created.

How do you add files otherwise?

Inside my project I:

New File -> (file name, ex. folder/data.txt) -> Add This File

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Hi @octavi42,

Thanks for your report! Our team is looking into this now. I’ll provide an update once it is fixed.


This bug has been fixed. You should now be able to use the ‘Clone from Git Repo’ option in the ‘New Project’ drop-down menu.

If it still does not work for you, please let us know!