I just wanted to get feedback on my first clicker

Project URL: https://moneyclicker-v1-0.glitch.me/

I just made a simple clicker. The kinks aren’t all worked out but i hope that it is still enjoyable. Please give me feedback rather it is good or bad or if i can add anything. When you click start it will ask for username. this is the username that it will save to. Have fun :smile:

20 Likes and I will make a V2 hint: I’m learning animations :wink:

IMPORTANT* —> This game uses localStorage to save so your save will only be on YOUR computer. In other words, if you would want it on a different computer then you would have to play it on a different one.

UPDATE: Achievements now save!

If you happen to achieve the winning goal. which is $1 Trillion AND show proof like a screenshot, then I will give you early access to version 2 of this game! first 2 people only!

also, let me know what your favorite achievement is!


seriously guys i need some feedback this is my first project. thank you

Welcome! It looks very nice, but I would like to just point out that it seems not to work on mobile btw.

thank you i will do my best to fix this asap and i will post the result here

I don’t have a way to test mobile but i think this should help. lmk if it does. https://skitter-wistful-tungsten.glitch.me/

some syntax error gamelogic line 59, couldn’t play

i do believe that this error is fixed. thanks for the notice

updated game: https://moneyclicker-v1-0.glitch.me/

welp… no errors are logged, but the money doesn’t go up :(

here’s the video:

ooh nice

I’m too scared to play much farther than buying a couple of upgrades though

this generateCash function seems to add new elements to the page and never remove them. it hides them, but they stay in the DOM tree forever


It’s now working! the updates are super neat and I got a ton of money.

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Thank’s for playing if you have any recommendations that I can add just let me know :smile:

Tip: If you like when you click the button that gives you an achievement type in this: 12345678f : and it will give you the most cost-effective auto clicker. If it says you it means duplicate yourself :smile:

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Pretty Cool! I think some CSS might be the next big thing. I like the buying of things, and how you click the background.

Note: If you decide to change the cliking to a button, make sure to use onmousedown() as the event aside from onclick(). Doing so will make it so they cannot hold down enter to get a lot of clicks really fast.

Good work! Is this your first time using JavaScript?

i’ve been learning for a while and know a decent amount, but this is my first project I posted and now I’m currently learning CSS to make it look better because I know that it’s bland

Do you have any reccomendations of what I can use to learn CSS?

For me, I just looked at other people’s projects. A source I would recommend is https://geeksforgeeks.org/ I could also help you if you would like.

please and thank you

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i have sent you an invite to edit my code I also made a file called edit awareness so any edits you make please provide the file name and line that you added, removed etc… thank you very much

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Please let me know if you like the money rain if not I can easily remove it so just be honest.

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