I just wanted to get feedback on my first clicker

Okay I got it. Made some edits and gave the description in the awareness file

Very nice. Thank you very much.

I have a question is it possible to get your email? if so here is mine: hcahill@rolandschools.org

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also i edited some css. Does it still look good? https://moneyclicker-v1-0.glitch.me/

and then one final thing this is basically a draft I’ve made about version2 of this and I would like you to help me by doing CSS if you want to if so just use my email and let me know.

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Im getting a parsing error: unexpected token. I’ve looked but I just can’t figure what’s wrong this is in gamelogic.js. Please help.

sorry, no. I am not allowed to email people outside of friends.

Couldn’t find anything

ok thank you

Could you please explain the benefits of this stickers? I want to add these stickers on my website

Hey, found a bug on Google Chrome when reaching $500. It looks fun otherwise, but this bug makes it nearly unplayable…

After reaching $500 in the game, a popup will appear when clicking. I’ve managed to get pretty far still, but it makes it much harder to get the coveted trillion. I’ve attached a screenshot below of the console and the popup appearing.