I keep getting ENOSPC

so uh, it’s me, the developer of koleotank-arrasio-master2 and i’m having an issue with disk space.

apparentlz legacy.js is having a stroke and i don’t know how to stop it.


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Hello @Koleotank,

can you create a file called .gitignore and put the following into it:

	excludesfile = /app/.git

Can you go to your console and type the following:

git prune
git gc

Hey @Koleotank it doesn’t look like .git is your problem in this case; instead your arrasio logs are taking up a ton of space.

You can discover this for yourself in the future by using

du -hd1

in your project’s console to show you which top-level directories are taking up too much space. In this case it was in /app/arrasio, so I subsequently ran

du -hd1 arrasio

which revealed that your logs were consuming a significant portion of your available space.

Hope this helps!

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So how do I delete the contents of arrasio/logs?

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@Koleotank Can you please invite me to your project so I can see how you have the logs and show you a way to get rid of them very easily.

@Koleotank, if you’re not interested in saving the logs it should be as simple as running

rm arrasio/logs/*.log

in your project’s console. But I don’t know much about arrasio so I don’t know if there’s valuable info in there, and @Callum-OKane or someone else may know better.

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there is absolutely no valuable info.
it’s there for logging ingame events.