I kind of broke my terminal by accident

My project: cipx

While using the glitch terminal of my project, I saw the Settings of the Terminal

I saw json in it and I tought I would be able to store a random string in there, and now my console froze.

Please help.

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What happens when you close it and reopen it?

reload man

Just close the terminal. Those are settings for the terminal. For example change the font by replacing the font value with “Comic Sans MS”

I tried, the terminal just shows a black screen, no text, and the settings button does nothing…

I tried, but the settings button isnt working anymore

I see a black window, no text, and the settings icon doesnt do anything

Could you send me an invite link to my DMs and I’ll have a look and see what I can do?

Could you clear your cookies? The terminal formatting is something that is stored locally.

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