I Lose my domain record link

I lose my domain cname record link.Please remove this domain register.

Note: glitch not respond my email.

Project: codeming-trs
Domain: www.ceming.xyz

I will help you ping glitch support. @glitch_support

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You can replace the point to record with glitch.edgeapp.net

WebSite say “not found”

The link is not meant to be visited, it is meant to be added to your DNS records.

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Where can I access my dns records?

Where have you been managing your domain?

I give this domain from Go daddy

Enter your Godaddy DNS page and make a CNAME record making your custom domain point to glitch.edgeapp.net

Okey I try it now…

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Sorry for turkish language.
İt says Since your name servers are not managed by us, we cannot show your dns information.

Who are your nameservers managed by?

I did it in the link glitch gave me.

I found.Fly.io

Are you using cloudflare?

I just pressed add domain. I lost it before I could get link, I couldn’t do anything else…

@glitch_support pls don’t sleep ;(…