I lost data in the project

hello i have a problem with my project, all edits in my project disappear in one night, Glitch saves automatically, I save my edits myself but for some reason it’s still gone, who can help me and I need to get it back previous data was lost

Have you tried the rewind feature?

What can I do with feature that looks like this: ((

Please help me. That data is very important to me

You could try emailing support@glitch.com. Next time please take a backup.

Also, GitHub offers free private repos so you can take a backup without people being able to see your code.


okay, thank man

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As a reminder, if you are going to email support@glitch.com, don’t edit the project any further, doing so may push the backup off their system making them no longer available.

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yea, I do not do anything

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