I made an app anonymously, signed in with GitHub, and have lost edit permission on the app

I remixed an app and named it palabras-de-comida. Then I went to sign in with GitHub and now I do not own the app and also cannot get back to the anonymous editing page. Can that app be deleted or transferred to me? Thanks!

Just taking a stab at this; I don’t work for Glitch, I’m just a user on the forum.

Did you end up on the dashboard page? Try clicking on your icon at the top right and then select your name. It should take you to your profile page with your apps listed as Recent projects. (I tried going to your profile myself and I can see your app, it’s still here.)

If that’s not it…login to Github.com itself and check the permissions for Glitch under your Settings area. If all looks ok, maybe just ‘revoke’ access for now, and try logging back in with Google, or another way. I have Github, but I always log in with Google and never had a major problem. At least hopefully you can have access to your app again.

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Hi @EMCain I just checked the project status in our system and it looks like the project is currently saved under the Glitch account, EMCain.

If you are still having trouble accessing it, please send us a support request so that we can help you further.

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