I need help about addRole command

i’m doing a discord bot that adds and takes role from users by moderators but removeRole work addRole isn’t works here’s my code:
`const Discord = require(‘discord.js’);
exports.run = (client, message, args) => {

if (!message.guild) {
    const ozelmesajuyari = new Discord.RichEmbed()
        .setAuthor(message.author.username, message.author.avatarURL)
        .addField(':warning: Uyarı :warning:', 'rol-ver adlı komutu özel mesajlarda kullanamazsın.')
    return message.author.sendEmbed(ozelmesajuyari);
let guild = message.guild
let rol = message.mentions.roles.first()
let user = message.mentions.members.first()

if (!user) return message.reply('Kime Rol Vereyim?').catch(console.error);
if (rol.length < 1) return message.reply('Rolü belirtmedin');

const embed = new Discord.RichEmbed()
    .setDescription(${user} kullanıcısına ${rol} rolü verildi)
    .setFooter('Rol sistemi', client.user.avatarURL)
message.channel.send({ embed })


exports.conf = {
enabled: true,
guildOnly: true,
aliases: [‘rolver’],
permLevel: 3

exports.help = {
name: ‘rol-ver’,
description: ‘İstediğiniz kişiye istediğiniz rolü verir.’,
usage: ‘rol-ver [kullanıcı] [@rol]’

Addrole is depricated and will no longer work.
Instead use

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bruh i broked my bot but i think it works ty