I need help for custom domain

how can add custom subdomain in my project

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To add a custom sub-domain, you can follow this guide: How do I add a custom domain, a CNAME, or A record for my custom domain? - Glitch Support

Hey, welcome @Halil

Another user recently had some questions about subdomains, and we covered some of it in this thread: How to change the "glitch.me" part of your live site ? Please help - #5 by SteGriff

In general:

  • Go to your Glitch project, Tools, Add Custom Domain, and enter your chosen URL, like custom-subdomain.mydomain.com
  • Go to your domain host and access DNS settings
  • Create a new CNAME record pointing from the custom-subdomain subdomain to glitch.edgeapp.net

Let us know how it goes!

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