I need help on this script, what am I doing wrong, it says red dot

if(message.content === “d-gayrate”) {
let replies = [“You are is 10% gay :rainbow_flag:”, “You are is 30% gay :rainbow_flag:”, “You are is 20% gay :rainbow_flag:”, “You are is 40% gay :rainbow_flag:”, “You are is 2% gay :rainbow_flag:”, “You are is 1% gay :rainbow_flag:”, “You are is 21% gay :rainbow_flag:”, “You are is 50% gay :rainbow_flag:”, “You are is 60% gay :rainbow_flag:”, “You are is 70% :rainbow_flag:”, “You are is 82% gay :rainbow_flag:”, “You are 80% :rainbow_flag: gay”, “You are is 92% gay :rainbow_flag:”, “You are is 90% gay :rainbow_flag:”, “You are 100% gay :rainbow_flag:”]
message.channel.send(replies[Math.floor(Math.random() * replies.length)])

Hi @Light_Dash.
I have to say, I don’t find your function very funny. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, nor should jokes be made about it. Adding a rainbow flag does not change this.
I would seriously consider if this joke is constructive, respectful, and fun for all.

Nevertheless, it looks like your message code is outside of a message block, like this:

<client>.on('message', message => {

I do not agree with the function you are creating, but I am providing this with the hopes that it helps you to code other, more helpful/respectful functions.


It’s not suppose to be funny, it’s just for a gay server for my friend

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