I need help with 2 things

  1. pls delete the domain naknak-bot.tk from the project naknak-bot (i think)

  2. php pages dont works in glitch.

  1. For domain removal, you will have to wait for @glitch_support to come and remove it for you.

  2. PHP is installed in Glitch, but to run it, you will need to create a glitch.json file which should have the following code:

  "install": "echo 'We Are Ready!'",
  "start": "php -S -t ."

Let me know if this doesn’t work! :blush:


i have website make with html+css+js and php
how i make it work?

Hi @MR.Nak

We have removed that domain from your project!

and my second problem?

@MR.Nak while PHP i s installed in Glitch, we do not officially support it. Did you try to run the commands suggested above.

my friend build website, in this website have php and html pages
he want to run it in glitch
he can?