I need help with a button html code

I only know how to work with bootstrap, however I need someone to create a link generator for example. I press a destination button for the first time and a link is generated, after I press the same button for the second time to generate another random link that I choose.

I paid a guy to make a code for me but unfortunately it doesn’t work. Can someone send me the code already ready with the profavor button? I will be very grateful here is my discord: 〔:crown:〕 𝕴𝕲𝕹𝕺 ᵐʷˢ # 6666

Hello, can you please explain a little bit more about what you need help with?

What do you mean by random links?

I do not think we are supposed to be doing all the work for you.



Welcome to the Glitch Support forum!

While you’re free to ask about help on coding and Glitch itself, the support forum is not a platform for paying and asking other people for code as whole, as this is considered as spoon-feeding.

Hope you understand!