I need help with an API .json file

Hacker News API

So I am trying to make a little app that has a little hacker news widget that shows the most popular article, newest, etc. But HN’s API is just a bunch of .json files. I have no experience with getting a .json file on the web nor parsing it. Any help? Here is the invitation to edit.

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The API URL simply returns some JSON.

JSON can easily be “converted”/parsed into a JavaScript object (JSON but not in string form) using JSON.parse(INPUTSTRING).

In order to retrieve the JSON from the URL you would need to send a request to it. I’d recommend using request.

Hope this helps.

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Was just checking out your post, and had a look at the hacker news api, ended up playing with it a little… you can see the project here HackerNews-dev Not sure if you are familiar with lit-html and using es6 modules but you can have a look at what I’ve done so far if any of it will help. Most things are happening in the src/template-base.js

Can help you out if your not too sure about anything.

Just found this project in the polymer group which looks pretty neat and may be able to get a few ideas from there…

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