I need help with assets

Hi, im Eperou and i’ve been struggling, i want to upload some .png images, but when i upload them, they always go in the assets folder! I want them to be in a seperate .png file. copying the entire glitch cnd link is annoying and so on, my project https://ep-s-wip-web.glitch.me/

Hey @Eperou, welcome to the Glitch forum!

You might find the information I provided in Easier way of uploading? helpful. Aside from scripting something like that, there’s no built-in way to move the files in assets to your project’s directory. We also have some changes to the way assets work planned, but I’m not sure when we’ll get to those changes.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue: Guess it does

By the way, im still trying to find out how to do this… I saw in some projects there are .png files or jpg outside of the assets thing oof

Hi @Eperou it’s possible that the projects you’re looking at have gone through something like the process I outlined. I understand it’s not particularly convenient, but did you run into some sort of problem with that process?

No… But i dont really get the “process”.

In short the process looks like this:

  1. Drag your files onto the Editor window and drop them when the Editor says “Drop Files to Upload”
    1. This lets your browser upload the files to your project’s assets drawer, which stores them in Amazon’s S3
  2. Open the assets drawer in your browser and open your browser’s developer tools
  3. Run the code snippet I provided in that post in your browser’s developer tools console to get a list of urls where your assets are stored
  4. run the other code I provided in your project’s console to download the files from the S3 bucket to your project’s file system.

Does that help at all? If not, which part is unclear?

so will that upload them outside of the assets drawer? i guess it does

That will download a copy from the S3 storage location that the assets drawer represents to your project’s local file system, yes.