I need help with button color

I Sadly need Help coloring my buttons because I was making a website linking games. Plz Help Me :slight_smile:

Hi there, and welcome!

Can you share a link to your project showing the buttons so we can see how they were made and give some suggestions? What I’d likely suggest is adding a class name to the button elements and use CSS to set the background-color of them, but seeing the actual code will help us give advice more tailored to your project!

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What class name also?

You appear to have added Bootstrap class names but never loaded Bootstrap.

When you type the following into your page:
USA Agar

You should wonder, what does this class=btn and btn-success mean?

You don’t need Bootstrap BTW for such a simple example but you’ve used their classes.

o Thanks : )

By The way can u change the color of a button without bootstrap

Yes a button is an HTML element. You can change the color, size, placement, etc. Bootstrap is a library that tries to standardize these things but it isn’t required and I long ago stopped using it.

Familiarize yourself with w3schools which gives examples of most things and importantly let’s you play around and see your changes in real-time.

It isn’t even necessary to create a style tag but it helps keep things organized and is generally less typing. You can look up style tags on w3schools for more info.

Thanks Ur very helpful it worked : )

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