I need help with this thing

the top duration to be 3:17 how do i do it

Hi @ytygrunn1ngark456!
Welcome to Glitch community! We are so glad you have come to ask this question!
Can you clarify what you want to do?
It looks like the duration has been changed to what it needs to be.


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its not the other duration are different i dont know what those means

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Are they written in seconds? If so, you can convert the minutes to seconds via Google. Do you have a link to the tutorial or project you used/remixed for this so I can have a look at that?

Change it to 197 so basically if you have a:b time you do a*60 + b for seconds

@javaarchive Out of curiosity, do you know why? What is the format of the times?

Songs lengths have a range of 1 minute to up to 6 minutes and maybe more. So the range in seconds is 60 seconds to 360 seconds which seems reasonable