I need moderator help I just deleted the most important file in my directory

Would it be possible to recover a file I just deleted by mistake. The project is called youtube-downloader and the filed I deleted was called src/youtube.js. Please help me it’s the most important file. I could rewrite another file, but this file is the file that I rewrite other files based on.

You should be able to use the Rewind button (the << arrows at the bottom of the file list) to go back to before you deleted the file.

It doesn’t work. It says previewing rewind but no rewind for me. That’s Why I need the file recovered

It looks like you’re hitting the disk limit on your project, which is preventing Rewind from working. You will likely need to remove several of the large files in your project.

I deleted all the big files but still it just loading

Now I can rewind, but it only reminds around 6 minutes back

Always recommend backing up your files.

I can’t back up a deleted file. . . .

You should be able to use the Rewind button (the << arrows at the bottom of the file list) to go back to before you deleted the file. @King-Knight-Mare

I can’t tho. . . . . I tried it but it doesn’t let me go back that far

Alright, I’m going to take a look to see if we have a backup available with your missing file.

@King-Knight-Mare how long ago did you last have the file? I can’t see the files in a backup, but can see if we have a backup matching when you last knew you had the file in question.

I deleted the file a minute or so before I asked this question. so it’s been just over 2 hours. Around 1:35PM EST

Okay, here is a list of backups. Can you let me know which one you’d like me to restore?

 0: 2019-02-21T19:38:17.000Z [132.53MB]
 1: 2019-02-21T19:27:22.000Z [150.62MB]
 2: 2019-02-21T19:16:23.000Z [190.27MB]
 3: 2019-02-21T19:05:23.000Z [190.27MB]
 4: 2019-02-21T18:54:51.000Z [190.27MB]
 5: 2019-02-21T18:43:53.000Z [190.27MB]
 6: 2019-02-21T18:27:12.000Z [190.27MB]
 7: 2019-02-21T18:25:46.000Z [190.27MB]
 8: 2019-02-21T17:31:38.000Z [190.27MB]
 9: 2019-02-21T17:21:17.000Z [190.27MB]
10: 2019-02-21T17:07:59.000Z [190.27MB]
11: 2019-02-21T16:43:08.000Z [190.27MB]
12: 2019-02-21T16:37:42.000Z [190.27MB]
13: 2019-02-21T16:26:42.000Z [190.27MB]
14: 2019-02-21T16:05:49.000Z [190.27MB]
15: 2019-02-21T15:57:54.000Z [190.27MB]
16: 2019-02-21T15:47:31.000Z [190.27MB]
17: 2019-02-21T15:32:18.000Z [190.26MB]
18: 2019-02-21T15:21:17.000Z [190.26MB]
19: 2019-02-21T15:10:23.000Z [190.26MB]

I can’t read those dates… I don’t understand how the time can say 19:37:17 if it’s till only 1601

What time zone are you in?

Eastern standard time. If those are in fact dates, I prolly want the oldest one which is 19, right?

They are dates, and the oldest one (19) is about 10:10am Eastern Time.

Oh. This time is measured in GMT. Ok. Yes I would like to go back to the backup that’s number 19. Thanks

Okay, restoring that backup now.