I need my Custom Domain Reset

My Project Name: trisbot-web
Domain: trisbot.ga


Hey @TrissieTheHusky, you’ll have to wait for @glitch_support to come and remove the domains for you! :smile:

Thx I know I was waiting for staff to come and remove it for me thx

This domain has been removed from the project. If you have any questions, let us know!

can you reset my domain?
Name Domain : https://general-bot.xyz/
the project is : indigo-castanet
My Project Suspended 1 Weeks Ago So i want to make new website with new project

Hey @CoalERS,

  1. You can unsuspend your project by emailing support@glitch.com.

  2. If you still insist on creating a new project and removing your custom domain, first undelete the suspended project (if you have deleted it) and then email support@glitch.com.

Hope this helps!