I need only a button I don't know how

Hello! Recently I made a chat app for me and my friend my friend is mobile and he can’t send message he doesn’t has enter button in his phone keyboard, so there should be a button and whenever you click to it it should do the same task like pressing enter.
Project link: https://obsidian-gabby-taleggio.glitch.me/

Hi and welcome, @Abdullah_Efe_Menges!
To add a button that makes the same thing as enter, simply add a <button onclick="myFunction()">Submit</button> to your html and then, when the function myFunction is called, make the same thing as if we pressed enter.
Btw, enter on your phone should be there.

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ah you need a button to act as a enter button cause hes on mobile

I personally just pulled out my phone and I had no issues nvm I cant send any messages

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