I need some help fixing this error and I cant fix it

im getting this one error and I cant fix it here is the error
Screenshot 2022-02-08 083724
and here is my code
but this is really getting annoying ive been at the error for a bit now like 7 hours or so.
I also made a little demo (its commented right now) where the square follows the mouse and it uses some of the same stuff and works so i dont know.
I can also console.log(players[uid].velX, players[uid].velY); So this is very weird

Can you send me your project?

here ya go

It looks like player[uid] is somehow undefined. Try console logging that to see what’s the problem. I think it might be somehow related to uid being out of range

I can only access players[uid] inside of one of the cvs.addEventListener()'s

Then you might need to make it a global variable to access it everywhere

it is a global variable

Upon rechecking the code,i don’t think you’re declaring uid anywhere

its in ws.js

also the error is saying that velX is undefined not uid

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