I paid for the Glitch Member but why my project restarts frequently?

So I have a discord bot and paid for yearly Glitch membership which i thought will only have 12hr restart but seeing the project, it keeps restarting in like every few hours.
Can any staff look into it please and let me know what’s causing it?
Is it my problem or the glitch?

Hi there - send this info to our support team by filing a ticket here and someone will be able to take a look. Include any copies of logs you see when the project is restarting and also describe what the bot does - are there commands that edit a file in the project for example.

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Hello jenn, Which request and category should I select there?

“Glitch Request” works!

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Woah I’m experiencing this too. I’ve been trying to compile Node.js 18 which takes ~7 hours. My project keeps getting restarted after like 1 or 2 hours ish.

Did support find anything about this?

edit: ah 2024 Mid-March Glitch Madness: an explanation on frequent project restarts as we update containers

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