I think I caught a bug. Wanna add it to your collection?

I was trying to remove the x-powered-by header in here (check link right below line)

However, there is no way to remove it. But if I copy the script to repl.it then it works fine.

Here is some solutions I’ve tried:

app.use(function (req, res, next) {


app.set('x-powered-by', false); // One funny thing is if I change the value in this
// then the Express value in header will be replaced.
// However, I still could not remove the x-powered-by completely.

Or even the classic one.


Please help me, I would like to know if this is truly a bug or a feature and how did it become this?

(I sent this through my email when I was away from my computer, but when I check my profile on forum it didn’t appear in my profile so I guess it was never sent to the forum.)

hi! yes, this looks like a bug to me – thanks for the heads up! i have the team looking into it.

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