I want to add a sign-up feature to my website

I need help in making a sign-up feature. anybody mind to help make me a sign up feature? it would help.
it also seems like I have a few people, which I just wanna say. :smiley:

I use this tutorial’s code snippets:

Edit: you probably don’t need to use the tutorial until the ➂ Setting up our user model with Mongoose section
I usually stick it into one file instead of the folder structure. When it uses yarn, instead use the package.json file
Hope this helps and happy Glitching :glitch: :slight_smile:

Or you could try PHP and MYSQL to achieve this! I found out about PHP and since then have gone mad about it :joy:

MySQL is pretty good. PHP is also my language of choice but its a bit prone to SQL Injections.

PHP was my preferred language until I learnt about Node.js via Glitch!

You can use MySQLi Statements to avoid SQL injections.

PDO also works.