I want to contact the creator of a glitch website in order to study the code

Hi! I’m new here on Glitch!

I just want to contact the creator of https://happytools.glitch.me/ in order to study the code and improve the activism for animal rights. Is there any way to do that?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @moshpirit!
Welcome to Glitch and the coummity forum :glitch:
Unfortunately, there is no way to identify the creator of a Glitch project or to contact them, if the project is private. However, I have managed to do some digging and found them on Reddit! I assume you can DM them there.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

It certainly does!! Thank you so much!! I sent him/her a private message, hope the notification gets to him/her!

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Tbh, all they probably do is make a request to the Reddit API with some info and parse the JSON and put the info all that returns into a table. Shouldn’t be too hard to replicate if you put your mind and coding/w3schools knowledge to it.

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Sure, I expected something simple, but I’m not a developer, so I’m not very handy with that. I just wanted to play a bit with the code in order to create a phone friendly version and play around in case I can customize it a little bit haha

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Good luck!

Thanks! :blush:

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In fact, if all you want to do is CSS customisation, you can start with Chrome DevTools (Right Click -> Inspect Element) and play around there!
Note: nothing saves and just a refresh would wipe your work, but you could send the code to the og dev to implement!

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