I want to make a file the main home file

Please help me! I have made multiple files and folders, but when I go to the web page, a weird listing directory page shows up, where I can select a file. I want to be able to make one file the opening file that you go to when you open the web page.

Hi @CowenCharrette!
Welcome to Glitch and the community - we’re so glad you came to the forum to ask about how homepages work with HTML and Glitch!
Just like normal HTML hosting, Glitch provides no way to select a certain page as the homepage, but the standard front page for the whole World Wide Web is index.html. If you rename your homepage file to index.html it will become the homepage of your site. If you don’t want to rename any files, if you convert from a static site (HTML, CSS, Javascript only, no serverside, 24/7 hosting) to a Node.js express project (is serverside meaning no 24/7 hosting), like this example: https://glitch.com/~hello-express, you can use express routing to choose your homepage file.
Hope this helps and you enjoy Glitching :slight_smile: :glitch:


ohhhh ok that makes so much sense now sorry :slight_smile: oh yeah and thx

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Glad I could help :slight_smile: