I want to Remove Custom domains


I want to remove my all domains except ritararycode.cf

Thank You!

@MertBey I’d be happy to help you with that, but I need to know the project name of the project you want custom domains removed from.

From my all projects

Please either provide a list of projects or a list of Custom Domains you’d like removed if you’d like these to be removed in short order. If I have to go digging for that information it will be a bit before I can get to it.

I don’t know but ritararycode has 5~ domains. Can u delete all except ritararycode.cf ?

Hey @MertBey I can’t verify your connection to that project; can you have someone who’s an admin on the project email support@glitch.com from an email address associated with their Glitch account (or do so yourself) so we can verify project ownership before we remove those 9 Custom Domains?

I logged Glitch with facebook? Should i send mail with facebook’s mail account?

Yes, that should suffice; thanks!

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