I was unable to load the project

When i go to edit page it is Loading foreve

Anyone help me please|
AND also every project if i click edit option

Even that website is not loading


@cori this seems like a glitch bug!

@SudhanPlayz can you try again now and let me know if it still won’t load?

i tried but It is Same

Hey @SudhanPlayz,

I’ll let @Glitch_Response know about this, so that @tasha or someone will come to fix this issue.

Hi @SudhanPlayz and @Coding,

I’m sorry you were having difficulty accessing your projects!

If you are still having trouble getting projects to load, please let me know the names of those projects and I will investigate further.

@tasha name is theworld its in private

@SudhanPlayz, thanks for that info! I believe that I was able to get it running again, will you please check when you have a moment?

Hey in my project it is Loading the page is not Loading @tasha


Name blox-generator

Hi @SudhanPlayz,

Will you please try remixing your project to see if you can get the copy to load? Sometimes that helps!