I wrote refresh in the start.sh file

Hi, I was so stupid to put refresh in the file start.sh and now it doesn’t stop refresh. Neither with the console nor anything I could fix it. Can you help me? The name of the project is risitas. Please make it quick
If someone tanlk spanish I’d be grateful.

Try to rewind your project. I think it’s at the bottom left of the online editor. Move it back to before you made the change.

Your Spanish is welcome on this forum, whatever makes it easier for you to solve your issue. If you can, open your console and run rm /app/start.sh. This should delete the start.sh file and then run refresh to view the newest changes.

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I can’t do that option. The web editor and the console doesn’t response

Spanish:no puedo hacer eso ya que la consola y el editor web de glitch no me deja. Se queda haciendo refresh y dice cargando infinitamente

If an admin can help me I will be great

Thanks this help me.
Gracias por ayudarme

De nada :tada:

Feliz Glitching!