Ideas for avoiding lost work when computer is offline

Hello all,
I’ve lost quite a bit of work on two occasions because I was so dialed in that I didn’t notice the
big red window saying “you’re offline, dummy”. I had a few ideas for what would help me avoid this problem, and wanted to throw them out there to see if they appealed to other people (if other people have this problem). A few ideas I had:

  1. Would it be possible to make a user setting (defaultly disabled) that makes file editors read-only when the computer goes offline.

  2. A slightly easier idea to implement is making a setting that makes the red pop-up a modal that covers the entire text box which users have to manually close out of to continue working. It should probably be a user setting because some people (including myself on occasions) work on intermittent network connections (eyes comcast pointedly).

  3. I was wondering if there were ever plans to cache offline work in e.g. localStorage if the browser supports it. I don’t actually know the mechanics of HTML 5 browser storage or how reliable it is, so take this idea with a big old grain o’ salt.

Hopefully this isn’t to verbose.