Ideas to help Glitch stay afloat

If Glitch wants to stay floating above the sea for next years without drowning at the next outage. Here’s what I would do :

  • Run ads ? I personnally wouldn’t mind ads as long as Glitch stays free. We got a BLM on our view every single time we code. I wouldn’t mind if the banner was used later to place ads instead. Maybe not ads on projects, but maybe make it so users can voluntarely place ads on their projects and projects to help Glitch and maybe give a custom “ad currency”, one view one “ad coin” ?

  • Ad coins : Maybe we should be able to use the ad coins in exchange for project upgrades ? (more uptime, more requests, etc…)

  • Additionnal features : I talked about a glitch translation service in an other feature ideas post (Paid plan is great, that's why we also need a better free plan. ( and 10 ideas for Glitch's future features)) maybe get a portion of the paid translations ?

  • Boost gifts from other users (kinda like how sub gifts work on Twitch)

What would the “ad coins” allow ? If a project takes off, it allows the creator to make its project grow along with its limits. Basically Glitch gets money from ads and rewards projects that help Glitch financially.

That is one of the most interesting titles I have seen on the forum :joy: May edit in a sec

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I didn’t know what to put, people tend to run away when there is the word “ad”… :man_facepalming:


I’ve edited it now :slight_smile:

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Ok it’s a better title :slight_smile:

I hope glitch lets us support them with something like BAT which we get from the brave browser and every user gets like $2 a month.
Also we can do a bit of infrastructure changes

In fact, recaptcha has already been added!


Wait, where is the capcha?

plus, they could try web monitisation (see

I think they’re using V3 where no checkbox is required and instead it makes a score on you with background checks while you navigate the site and then when it comes to submitting a form, it checks the score