Identifiers (simple)

on the topics page, it will be much faster to parse the topics and extrapolate on what you’ve already created. the checks show a solution, but categorizing the other topics will allow users to look at a quick, colored icon and determine whether it’s worth paying attention to.

for example, you’ve already done it right below with identifiers such as community topic, help, blah blah. just add the little, colored square to the left of the topic title. opera did something similar with i don’t remember, but it was a good idea.

Hi there! Do you mean you’d like to see the color icons next to thread categories up by the title instead? Like in this thread, I see a green square next to “Glitch Feature Ideas.” Or are you talking about a separate kind of labeling system?

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hi jenn! been a while since i posted it, but let me see what i was referencing. i remember my eye being drawn to the left where there were icons, but i couldn’t tell @ the ‘fastest’ glance possible if it was resolved or not. let me see.

i see it, it’s a little, grey checkmark. i was looking for bright green

i would typically look for red for something ‘hot’ that needs to be addressed immediately, yellow in-process, green resolved

that’s just me :slight_smile:

i marked your response as the solution. thanks for reaching out. :smiley:

and grey would be 'someone reach out to this guy, hasn’t had anyone reach out at all.

i used to use sysaid as well as a lot of other service-desk style tools and played around with the back-end IT interface so they could address things quickly.

we had something like 800 open tickets and 5 people. had to get network monitoring going and s-flow with the dell switches we were using at the time