If not Glitch, what other free service can I use to host a Discord bot?

So right now glitch has blocked pings, meaning bots won’t stay alive. Reading over some other comments, I see that people are saying that Glitch isn’t the place to host a Discord bot at any rate. Do you guys know of any other free alternatives?


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being 100% honest, there are no good free hosts that have discord bots in mind, i would suggest getting a vps or self hosting


The Glitch-blocks-ping situation is not permanent, it’s temporary!


what about heroku? I think can do a free host for them



it would work but its still not great

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Well, it does seem like a good alternative but…

I would recommend checking the docs first, because you need to know how to setup dynos and all that


Thanks for the reply. I guess I’ll just stick with Glitch then.

What’s wrong with heroku?

It’s not too bad. I migrated my projects from glitch to heroku last night. Just export to github from glitch, and then import from that github repo in heroku. Absolutely flawless transition. The only thing you might have to do is change the hardcoded port number to process.env.port. Whenever you push to github heroku automatically deploys the new changes. Pretty simple. Not as nice as glitch but glitch is way too unreliable. This is coming from someone who was willing to buy glitch boost and did, until it was way too unreliable to host anything on.

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Good free host is an oxymoron in my opinion, you get what you paid for

Also the only problem I have with heroku is the filesystem isn’t persistent, meaning fs-based databases won’t work there


Do you have a link to oxymoron? And what do you mean by “you get what you paid for”?

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if you get something free dont expect it to be great

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Oxymoron isn’t a hosting service, its an expression to show that two words are opposites. :smile:


like a paradox…

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Oh I get it now, I misunderstood the sentence :laughing:.

  1. Heroku’s free tier gives 550 hours per month, which is ~18 hours per day. That would fall short if you wanted a service up 24/7 for the whole month.
  2. Heroku doesn’t have built in persistent storage. You’d have to sign up for a database service or something on top of that, which is an extra bit of hassle. Plus, you have to fit all your state through whatever fiddly API that database service uses, which is additional work.

If you know your way around how to manage actual servers, I recomend going with this organization that helps people get free servers to host their projects. Though they are free, and will be able to host your projects on a REAL VPS, they do have a strict rules and renewal (still free) system for the VPSes that may be hard to get used to. They also have online coding classes, coding support, and much more. Here’s their Discord server which tells you how to get started.


I now have “vps, rdp” how can I convert it for hosting.

I was planning for the paid tier and asked on the forum if in the paid plan, glitch would be on all the time. I received a negative answer saying all the servers would be affected irrespective of the plan.

The projects i need to work on need to working 100% during the daytime and on weekdays. Heroku’s free tier has worked brilliantly with no issues the past month. If i need more hours i need to just add a credit card.

I think if we pay we need reliable service. I would be billing my client for the hosting and for sure people would not pay if the hosting is so unreliable and also since few months.