If not glitch, where can I host my discord bot privately

I’m considering working with other reputable members of the Glitch community and providing free hosting to bots which are of a decent size and provide something unique.


Would be happy to help if you decide to do this

repl.it keeps your .env file private, just like glitch (and you should always put tokens in a .env file)


Vercel doesn’t support NodeJS as it is, it only supports serverless functions using Express, I advise you not to host Discord bots on Vercel.

  1. your code gets public (!!)
  2. is it always online? from my experience, no

Yes, your gonna have to deal with that. (Keep token in .env)
If you setup a webserver and ping it (similar to glitch) it will stay online.

yeah, i found a better alternative, the thing is that my code can’t go public, so repl.it is worthless for me

I do believe that repl.it has some kind of pack for teacher, you can apply to be a “teacher”, and it let you private your repls. check it here.

Or if you are student you can private them too :slight_smile: https://repl.it/site/github-students


Hacker plan, here I come.

Link, I really need one where my code is private!

Name it something COMPLETELY random for example HDHVJgegtji6462o

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True, the odds of somebody finding the code is unlikely this way.

Like for my public discord bot we created an account we all share named something really random, and named the project something really random.

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Name your account randomly too, otherewise I can just view repl’s on your account.


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