If you're seeing a editor errors today, please force refresh your browser

We’ve just shipped a pretty substantial new feature that involved making some breaking changes with our old data model. If your editor was working great yesterday and acts weird today you might have a caching error.

Most people should be fine, but we wanted to give you a heads up just in case.


Didn’t really want to start a new thread just for this, but I have a quick note about the new “Help” feature.

Maybe you already noticed this, but the “Thanks for the Help” button shows up even for people who are just viewing the code, even if I didn’t ask them for help.

@stefan do you mean this button?

the initial intent was to treat it as a general like thing that you could give to anyone whether you were asking the glitch community for help, or asking someone irl. It’s a little unclear though, so I might clean up the copy to make it more general

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Yeah, I figured this might have been intentional, but I do agree that it can be a bit confusing. Thanks!

what do you think of this more general/contextless version?

Hmm, I’m not quite sure this changed anything. If I was completely unfamiliar with Glitch and saw this for the first time, I might still be confused about why I should thank this random stranger.

Is it possible to only show this after you invite someone to help you or join your project?

It’s still not a huge deal, I guess I’m just nitpicking :upside_down:

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‘thank for helping’ might be a middle ground where:

  1. if I’ve never used glitch before and I click on someone’s avatar I’ve been given a reason why I should thank someone (this doesn’t show up when you click yourself)
  2. if I’m not currently asking for help but somone’s helping me out irl it applies as well
  3. if I’m asking asking for help and someone helps me that’s a great fit too.
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