IFTTT - Blog Post Automation at Github for personal Blog on ghpages

Hi i followed a tutorial how to use glitch to upload a file to my github account in a specific repo. Locally using insomia client everything works well, but if i want to use IFTTT to create a post using an email that was send by me, IFTTT reports 403.

Read something about blocked IFTTT services, is it possible to unblock IFTTT for my project? I just want to add post automatically by emails. I would really happy if this could be happen. @glitch_support

Welcome to the forum, @lkaupp!

Glitch banned third-party pinging services because it places a large amount of stress on their servers, and IFTTTs get blocked and as a result, return a 403 response.

There isn’t a way to get around them or unblock them, maybe you could email Glitch at support@glitch.com for more clarity on this issue and hopefully get an answer?

Hope this helps!



no comment. Good luck getting them to allow your project!

Hi @lkaupp and @code-alt!
As @khalby786 said, it has been banned as a side effect and they are working on it as said here by Glitch team member @tasha:

Hope this helps clarify a bit more!


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